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Sun 29 Mon 30 Tues 1 Wed 2 Thu 3 Fri 4
Teaneck, NJ "Puffin Cultural Forum"
The Joshua Breakstone Trio with Harvie S, bs Eliot Zigmund, dr
Sat 5
Sun 6 Mon 7 Tue 8 Wed 9 Thu 10 Fri 11
Delaware Water Gap, PA
The Deerhead Inn
Trio with Mike Richmond, bs - Steve Johns, dr
Sat 12
Syracuse, NY
Jazz Central,
The Joshua Breakstone Trio with Jimmy Johns, dr Tom Brigandi bs
Sun 13
Mon 14
Tue 15
Wed 16
Thu 17
Fairfield, CT Sacred Heart University
Duo with David Kingsnorth, bs
Fri 18
Hanover, MD
Anne Arundel Community College- workshop
Baltimore, MD
Germano s duo with Blake Meisner, bs-
Sat 19
Richmond, VA
Caturra on Grove
with Chris Whiteman, gtr Jimmy Masters, bs
Sun 20
Harrisburgh, PA
Cliff's Tavern
Duo with Steve Rudolph, p
Mon 21 Tue 22
Cleveland, OH
The Bop Stop
trio with Aidan Plank, bs
Wed 23 Thu 24
Ann Arbor, MI
The Blue Llama
Trio with Josef Deas, bs Djallo Djakate, dr
8:15pm, 9:15pm
Fri 25
Owasso, MI
Lily Pearl s
trio- with John Hill, dr- Nick Calandro, bs
Sat 26
Sun 27
Grand Rapids, MI
Trio with Marion Hayden, bs Sean Dobbins, dr
Mon 28 Tues 29 Wed 30 Thursday 31 Friday 1 Sat 2


Sun 3 Mon 4 Tues 5 Wed 6 Thu 7 Fri 8
Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Music Collective
Trio with Colin Deuble, bs John Trentacosta, dr
Sat 9
Sun 10
Arvada (Denver), CO
The Henriksen Stage
Duo with Mark Diamond, bs
Mon 11 Tue 12 Wed 13 Thu 14
Ashland, OR
Siskiyou Music Project
Duo with Bill Athens, bs
Fri 15 Sat 16
Berkeley, CA
The California Jazz Conservatory
Trio with Jeff Chambers, bs Jayson Lewis,dr
Sun 17
Berkeley, CA
The California Jazz Conservatory workshop
11:00am to 1:00pm
Mountainview, CA
Wunderman House
rio with Larry Vuckovich, p
Mon 18 Tue 19
Wed 20
Hermosa Beach, CA
The Lighthouse
Trio with Mike Gurrola, bs Roy McCurdy, ds
Thu 21 Fri 22 Sat 23
Palm Desert, CA
Pete Carlson's
Trio with Mike Gurrola, bs Roy McCurdy, ds
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Sun 24 Mon 25 Tue 26 Wed 27 Thu 28 Fri 29
Sat 30
Sun 1 Mon 2 Tues 3 Wed 4 Thursday 5 Friday 6 Sat 7