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The home of Capri Records which has also become a kind of home for me. At Capri I'm very happy to be in the company of Grachan Moncur III, Holly Hoffman, Mike Wofford, Ellyn Rucker, as well as Phil Woods, Bud Shank, Ray Brown, Red Mitchell, and so many others. You can browse their catalogue and buy their CDs here.

This is the website of the great alto saxophonist, Lanny Morgan, veteran of such big bands as Charlie Barnet, Shorty Rogers, Maynard Ferguson, Terry Gibbs, Frankie Capp, Natalie Cole and Supersax. At this point in time, we can hear Lanny more often than in the past, featured in small group situations- as I was fortunate enough to be able to do when we performed together during the summer of 03' for about a week or so in and around London. Check out Lanny's CD, "It's About Time" with guitarist Bruce Forman, a AAA example of how great the alto-guitar combination can be when playing melody together. "Friends Again", Lanny's original based on "Just Friends", and "Koko" will take your breath away.

The website of the Bluth, Messina, Chattin trio- pianist Larry Bluth, bassist Don Messina, and drummer Bill Chattin. I've known the formidable bassist Don Messina for years, he knows the music of the Lennie Tristano school and it's disciples inside out. He's busy these days playing with the likes of Ted Brown, Jimmy Halpern, and Jon Easton. Check out Don's live recording, "Cycle Logical" with the amazing saxophonist Jimmy Halpern as well as his recordings with the legendary Sal Mosca- improvisation at it's most thrilling. This site is also a wonderful source of links to Tristano-related, bass related, jazz-related information on the web.

This is the website of guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo, one of my all time favorites on the instrument and a major influence on my own playing due in large part to his collaboration with Sonny Rollins, which is where I first heard him in the 1970s. If you don't know him, you can find out quite a bit about him at his website and buy his records- his most recent one, "Are You Happy Now" is full of choice material, much of it original, beautifully played by a group that also includes drummer Lenny White and some fabulous playing by Larry Goldings on organ. As usual, you will hear Masuo's lyrical, melodic playing, combined with a beautiful, full sound that can also at times be quite edgy- everything he plays he sings. Masuo is also the owner of "The Studio" on Greene St, in NY where I have recorded three of my CDs, including "Tomorrow's Hours" and "The Music of Bud Powell" both of which Masuo himself engineered.

Jack is one of the kings of NY guitar, and one of the great players- and teachers- anywhere. His website gives lots of biographical information, you can buy his CDs as well as some of his many instructional books, but the part I like best is the section which features photos of Jack with EVERYONE, you have to check it out! Also, you can find info on the course which he gives at regular intervals, "History of the Jazz Guitar"- it must be fabulous, and I plan to audit sometime in the future.

Website of Osamu Yamamoto's YSorgan-izeRecords- Osaka, Japan-based CD company concentrating in organ music- and YScorporation, which services and maintains Hammond organs. Great site, great links, worth it if only for the photos of Yamamoto-san with everyone in the world of jazz organ, from Jack McDuff, to Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Lonnie Smith, Joey DeFranceso, Larry Goldings, etc.

Host to many musician websites where you can purchase signed CD, and do extensive listening as well. Links, musicians directory and more.

This site has become one of the hottest, most interesting, and valuable sources for information of all kinds about jazz guitarists, their recordings, instruments, and their thoughts (in the form of way beyond the normal "pc" interviews).

This is the blog of Doug Ramsey, who has written for every jazz publication, so I'm not even going to go there, as well as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times (and many other non-jazz publications) on both music and journalism, His blog covers a wide range of uniformly fascinating topics and is always beautifully written and presented. But the most important thing is that Doug understands jazz, is incredibly knowledgeable, and knows at all times whereof he speaks. Reading Rifftides has become a habit with me as it will with you, once you go and take a look. Do!

If you haven't visited this site, go! I don't know where to start in describing what you will find there! Writings on all aspects of jazz, interviews, galleries, jazz quizzes, jazz-related gift items, forums where you can weigh in your own opinions on various topics along side those of very well known musicians. This site is loaded with significant and valuable material which goes beyond the scope and depth of most others. This site demonstrates what the internet- at it's best- can be. Astounding!

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